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CLEAN ENERGY SERVICE Co., Ltd. (CESCO) was established in February 1995.

In recent years, the demand for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in Japan is increasing due to their environment-friendliness. LNG and LPG are delivered by supersized tankers from the overseas.

Our mission is to coordinate the safe and smooth importing operation of LNG and LPG between the overseas sellers and Japanese electric/gas companies at both loading and unloading terminals. Fluent linguistic skills and technical familiarity with the gases and tankers are necessary to accomplish the missions. CESCO is a group of specialists in LNG/LPG importing co-ordination, with its members being fluent in Japanese, English, Russian, and other languages together with possessing in-depth experience with tankers and loading/unloading operations, not only within Japan domestic terminals but also at overseas terminal as well.

The less-greenhouse-gas-emitting LNG, with its growing demand, is expected to enhance its importance in the society.  We too hope to expand our role in the society, by pushing toward our mission to achieve stable supply of LNG/LPG to Japan through cooperation with our customers.  By achieving our mission coherently, we hope to contribute to the society where its members are assured of safe lives for generations to come.


President  Hiroshi Nakamura

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